Fire Damage Restoration

We work with Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), as well as EPA certified processes.

Devastating and life-changing, fire has the power to destroy, but Omniqor Damage Restoration can help you rebuild your life and home or repair your commercial property after sustaining fire damage.

Offering comprehensive fire damage restoration which includes cleaning and repair of homes and commercial spaces, we offer decades of experience in the industry and use advanced technology to complete our work.

After Your Family or Employees are Safe, Contact Omniqor Damage Restoration

The first step you’ll take in getting your life back together after a fire in your home, is ensuring your is safe. If your business has been impacted by a fire make sure your employees are all accounted for. From electrical dangers to the problems that smoldering and smoky materials may pose, it’s essential to work with a professional in fire damage restoration. At Omniqor, we also know the importance of smoke damage cleanup after a fire as well.

Simple actions you may wish to take after a fire may actually prove dangerous to your family, yourself, or your employees. For example, a kitchen fire may have covered your appliances in soot and debris. The last thing you want to do is wet them down and try to clean them. Electrical problems hidden within the layer of soot on those appliances could prove deadly.

Our experienced and professional team understands how fire impacts things like appliances, the structure of buildings, and the various and common surfaces used in businesses and home building today. We know how to remove smoke, soot, and fire damage from features like walls, floors, and ceilings, and we know how to remain safe while undertaking your smoke damage cleanup and and fire damage restoration.

What’s Involved in the Fire Damage Restoration Process?

When you let Omniqor Damage Restoration act as your fire damage repair company, we’ll first conduct an inspection to gauge the level of damage and the process that we’ll need to use to complete our work. If the fire in your dwelling was extinguished with the help of a fire extinguisher or the fire department, your home or business could also have water damage on top of the fire and smoke damage.

Omniqor Damage Restoration can not only help repair fire damage, but we can also restore surfaces with water damage, as well as replace features entirely destroyed by those volatile elements. Beginning the fire damage restoration process with us as soon as you can after the event can increase the effectiveness and reduce the length of your restoration project.

Fire Damage Insurance Claims Process

We are also insurance specialists. We work for you, the property owner, in dealing directly with your insurance company, so we will handle all the necessary paperwork, claim processing and payment, and make sure every step is made to completely restore your home or business properly. Your fire damaged home or business is in the best hands – we’ve obtained the industry’s best and most technologically advanced equipment available for fire and water damage restoration.


After we complete the inspection and create a plan on what we’ll need to do to repair your home or business, here are some of the steps we may take to complete our work:

PROTECT – Place temporary protection (like tarps and boards) over windows and roofs until repair is complete and those areas no longer represent a security danger or a place where rain or wind could impact the interior of the structure.

CLEAN – Once the home or commercial building is completely dry inside, we’ll start the fire damage cleaning process. We’ve designed a cleaning process based on decades of experience, and we strive to provide effective results on every fire restoration and smoke damage repair project.

REMOVE – Pump out, dry, and remove water left behind by firefighting crews. Removing water as soon as possible after a structure has sustained fire damage can help save various parts of the structure so that they aren’t rendered completely destroyed.

RESTORE – Fire damage restoration can only begin when the debris, soot, and water damage, from the fire has been removed, cleaned, and dried. We’ll restore your property to the condition in which you enjoyed it before it experienced fire damage.

You and your property are in the best hands with Omniqor.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our experience in the industry exceeds 30 years.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration &
Residential Fire Damage Repair

Don’t let the uncertainty of a home or business impacted by fire cause you unneeded stress and anxiety. If you’ve recently experienced a devastating fire in your house or business, let Omniqor Damage Restoration help you return your commercial or residential property to its original condition.

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