Omniqor Provides High Quality Commercial HVAC Installation TX


Omniqor takes a cost-effective, modern approach to commercial HVAC installation.  

Our well-trained team of professionals can reinvent your current heating and air system with better units and new ductwork as needed.  Of course, we can install a new system for your new construction.

Our technicians will explain your options, show you which units are most likely to work well in your building, and provide high quality Commercial HVAC Installation Dallas TX.

We use a scientific approach to ensure that your building’s needs are met and your energy costs are reduced by new HVAC units.  Use our online scheduler to get started.

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Why Choose Omniqor?

Omniqor has been working with business owners for thirty years. In those decades, we’ve learned a lot about how to serve our customers. Our team understands how important Dallas commercial air conditioning installation is to businesses, and we work hard to provide you with a system that will:

  • Fit your budget
  • Use your choice of brand
  • Lower HVAC energy consumption
  • Increase the comfort of your customers and employees
  • Eliminate unwanted hot spots or cool zones
  • Match your expectations
  • Serve your business well for years to come

Our technicians are trained to handle all types of repairs, and they are well-versed in the installation of different HVAC brands. Our services include:

  • New construction HVAC systems
  • Renovation-related HVAC systems
  • Complete retrofit systems
  • Partial equipment replacements as needed for existing systems
  • Ductwork and vent installation for new or existing systems
  • Supplemental HVAC units for troubling hot spots/cool zones
  • Seasonal maintenance by air conditioning and furnace repair Dallas specialists


What Brands are Available with Omniqor?

dallas heating and air conditioning

And Many More!

Omniqor technicians install all types of Dallas heating and air conditioning systems.  You can use our online chat to discover more about today’s systems, capabilities, and pricing.

As an air conditioning contractor Dallas TX, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to decide which brand is right for your needs and your system’s maximum effectiveness.  

We offer all major brands and help you find effective choices that are affordable.  Our efforts are aimed at finding the most capable overall system to serve your needs.  

Many of our clients are surprised at the complexity of HVAC systems today.  There are multiple choices and more energy-smart ways to keep your monthly costs in check. Ask our staff how you can get the best system to handle your specific needs.


Pick the Right System

The right system will provide adequate heating and cooling in every room. Furthermore, it will help you manage your business energy costs, keeping them in check even when temperatures skyrocket.

Picking the right commercial HVAC system comes down to three main aspects:

  1. Best units to cool and heat your space
    This means getting enough units with the right efficiency rating to cover your square footage. Too much will cause waste, and too little will cause discomfort.

  2. Best ductwork and vent layout for efficient air distribution

    For a retrofit, your HVAC tech needs to make an assessment to make sure that your ductwork will work well with the new units.

    Why? You can spend your whole budget on the machinery, but the ductwork can provide inefficient use of the heating and cooling. 

3. The right technicians to make the system as effective as it can be.

To avoid installation mistakes, you need an expert air conditioning company Dallas TX, such as Omniqor, that can help you pick the right equipment for your space and can assess your current duct and vent layout, making sure it is effective.

Competitive Rates

Omniqor offers competitive rates for our Dallas and Fort Worth Area customers. Schedule a free assessment.

We are happy to give you a second opinion if you have a quote from other Dallas air conditioning companies. Request a quote.


Bring Down Daily Energy Costs

In most businesses, your day-to-day power costs related to your HVAC system are one of the biggest money drains.

How can you bring them under control? The best way may be through a new or revised HVAC plan. This may or may not mean new HVAC units. Omniqor will work within your budget to improve your system.

Whatever you need, Omniqor HVAC technicians can provide. From reworking your ducts to installing brand new equipment for commercial properties, we do it all.

Keep “Soft” Costs Predictable

With a new system and regular HVAC maintenance from Omniqor, your business won’t incur the soft costs of poor HVAC systems. It safeguards you against the drip, drip, drip of money down the drain from an old system that breaks constantly. It protects your Dallas or Fort Worth business from closing your doors due to broken air conditioning or heating.

Instead you can control your HVAC service costs with regular seasonal maintenance services from Omniqor. You won’t have to “expect the unexpected” because we’ll keep an eye on the system for you. Your money will be invested in an effective system rather than costly commercial HVAC repair services.

Get Started

Omniqor gives you many ways to get started.
You can use our online scheduler, and our team will come to you, make a free evaluation and give you a free estimate.
Using our online chat, you can talk to our online professionals about costs, timelines, and products. You can ask for information with our online form.

Let Omniqor partner with your business for better, more efficient heating and cooling.