Water Damage Restoration

Water damage to your home or business may occur in a variety of ways, from a burst pipe in the bathroom of your home to a flood that covers the bottom floor of your commercial building in two feet of water.

The best way to reduce the water damage that may occur after your home or business is impacted by water is to treat the areas as quickly as possible.

Omniqor can handle water damage restoration and flood damage repair whether you’re a homeowner in Dallas, a business owner in Fort Worth, or own any property in the region. We offer comprehensive water damage restoration that may include cleanup, repair, or any combination of advanced restorative techniques.

We have decades of experience in damage restoration and use the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment available in the industry, and we can handle any type of water damage that may have occurred. Our methods are certified by the EPA, and we also used techniques approved through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Water Damage Restoration from Omniqor

We know time is of the essence when it comes to water damage and the swiftness at which that damage can turn a basic cleanup job into an extensive renovation. We’ll conduct our inspection swiftly and provide an estimate as quickly as possible, so cleanup may begin as soon as you give us the “okay” to start.

In the event of severe flood damage that may require water damage repair of various facets of your home, as well as the replacement and cleanup of debris, we may need to design a longer timeline for project completion. However, we’ll want to begin removing any remaining water from the premises immediately.

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Flood Damage Restoration Process from Omniqor

If your property has been impacted by a flood, we may need to complete several steps on the way to complete restoration.

The steps we normally take in a water damage repair and restoration project include:

Extraction – We extract water that remains after the incident, whether it was a huge flood, water from a storm, or a burst water pipe.

Water Removal – We’ll remove the water from the premises to ensure it doesn’t return to your property. Dumping water outside the house or commercial building might not be enough to keep the water from reentering the structure.

Cleanup – In the event of a flood, your home could be filled with a foot of mud. After a burst pipe, you could be looking at a need to remove the carpeting or flooring in the home.

Debris Removal – We’ll take away any debris that remains that can’t be salvaged or dried. For example, we may need to take away flooded drywall or furniture that was destroyed by water. If you were on vacation when the burst pipe occurred, the standing water could have destroyed furniture, as well as custom-built features of your home.

Other steps we may need to take include drying your property and engaging in demolition of part or all of a structure.

We may discover that a wall or part of the home is structurally unsound, and removal of that unsafe feature may be required.

Water Damage Repair in Dallas from Omniqor Damage Restoration

With decades of experience, we offer water damage to homeowners and commercial property owners across Texas. We’ll restore your kitchen after the dishwasher overflows, or we’ll help you recover from a huge storm, flood, or other severe water damage at your commercial property.

No job is too complex for us to handle or too simple for our expertise, and we’ll get to work immediately so that we can salvage as much as possible of your home or business. We have most advanced and state-of-the-art technology available in the industry. If your home or business was recently impacted by water damage, contact us today to see how we can help with water damage repair, water damage restoration, and water damage cleanup.

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